About us

SHM Language Services was founded by Sherefedin MUSTAFA. He grew up in a multilingual environment and since his childhood has added many languages to his repertoire. He was encouraged by his interest in new languages and cultures to study French and Italian.


After graduating he worked for a long time as an interpreter and translator in public administration in various countries, before settling in the Netherlands in 1991. Here he studied Dutch and he has been officially registered as an interpreter and translator since 1992.


In 1995 he set up the SHM translation agency. He worked mainly with government bodies, semi-governmental organisations and in the private sector.


Over the years the client base of the SHM translation agency expanded, with clients from other countries. This led to a need for a new brand name to reflect the international character of the business.


SHM Language Services has been registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce since April 2011.