Sworn translation


What is a sworn translation?


A sworn translation is a full reproduction of a document in a different language, produced by an authorised “sworn” translator.


We provide sworn translations in many language combinations.



When is a sworn translation necessary?


A sworn translation is most often required for documents to be used by government, for example a municipality, the Immigration and Naturalisation Service, the police or in court, but also by lawyers and notaries. In some cases the original document will be needed.


If you are not sure whether the documents you would like to have translated need to be sworn, check with the authority you are submitting the document to.



What does a sworn translation include?


A sworn translation includes the source document, the translation and the “sworn declaration of accuracy.” Once the translator has marked each page with their signature and an official stamp, these three elements are bound together so as to be fraud resistant.



What do we need for a sworn translation?


In our initial contact with you, we will cover the following points:


– What kind of document is it?

– Is it an original document or a copy?

– Where and by whom has the document been issued?

– Which country and which institution is the sworn translation needed


Important: It is very important to remember that in most cases the sworn translation is required to be attached to the original source document rather than a copy. In some cases the original document may need to be authenticated or provided with an apostille certificate. This varies between authorities and countries.